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R&G Crash Protectors - Ducati Monster 01-

Available in Black

Price is per Set

Accidents happen and you cannot completely protect your bike from damage, but you can considerably reduce the amount of damage to your bike. By using crash protectors (also known as frame sliders, crash bobins, frame protectors etc.) you can minimise damage to handlebars, levers, bodywork, exhausts, footrest and frames leaving yourself with a good chance of being able to continue your journey or track day.

R&G Racing design and manufacture a growing range of ground-breaking bolt-on motorcycle accessories, the core of the business being crash protectors. Utilising modern CNC machining and aircraft-grade metals, as well as other materials, they set the standard in the motorcycle crash protector business.

Some bikes may require minor modification (e.g. drilling holes in bodywork) when fitting R&G motorcycle frame protectors but full fitting instructions will be supplied. If you are not confident in your abilities to fit these we would suggest having them fitted by a qualified technician.

Free delivery within the UK on all R&G crash protectors