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Xena X2 Disc Lock


Xena X2 Disc Lock
XENA's strongest "alarm-less" disc-lock. The X2's chunky build and 14mm (1/2") carbide-reinforced, hardened-steel double-locking pin is a solid option for your motorcycle or larger scooter. Please use the dimensions in image 2 to check if it will fit your bike. If you are not sure please ask.

X2 V-Lock disc-lock for motorcycles, scooters, quads and ATVs. Both feature our unique V-Lock design for a stronger, more solid disc-lock, with double the attack points to dramatically increase the force and time required to steal your bike. Includes the following features: 

  • 14 mm Locking Pin.
  • Maximum Security Key & Barrel with 250,000 possible key combinations and a pick-proof key entry.
  • High Quality Steel Body Finish.
  • Ice Spray Proof - A common method thieves use to break locks in any security situation is an ice spray, which can render materials brittle and easier to crack. All XENA locks are designed to resist this type of attack.
  • Anti Drill.
  • Ultra-portable - Serious security
  • Rated Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold