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The Airhawk range of seat cushions are available in both the original Premium neoprene material and the budget Airhawk 2 Polyurethane.

The major difference is the material used for the inner cushion. The original Airhawk seat cushion is made from neoprene rubber, while the Airhawk 2 is made out of polyurethane. There are notable differences between the two materials, polyurethane is much lighter, thinner, and does not stretch as much as the neoprene rubber. The neoprenes stretchy material has a much more substantial and luxurious feel, especially at the end of a long days riding.

The Airhawk 2 is designed for the riders who need some help on those occasional long rides. The performance is far superior to any gel,foam or synthetic sheepskin combo on the market. Pressure mapping and riding will instantly confirm this claim so if you do not want to invest in the original Airhawk, try the Airhawk 2 because its still a superior option compared to other products on the market.