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Biketek Standard Tyre Warmers



Biketek Tyre Warmers for Superbikes with 120-70-17 front and up to 190 width rear tyres. 3 pin UK plug installed

Biketek tyre warmers are for track day fun, Biketek offer a tyre heating solution to make the most of tyre performance and enhance track time. This model of warmer offers easy and efficient tyre warming. Every warmer is thermostatically controlled with dual LED indicators which illuminate RED when the warmer is heating, switching to GREEN when full temperature (80C) is reached. The heating element design ensures optimum heat coverage across the tyre, fully insulated to retain the generated warmth. The warmers are secured by sturdy velcro fasteners, the contoured shape and elasticated sides aiding simple and effortless fi tting. Supplied with drawstring storage bag. Biketek tyre warmers have been developed with and used by Yamaha BSB teams and will again be in use in the 2008 BSB season as well as the new British R1 Cup.

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