Steering Dampers

Steering dampers
In much the same way a shock absorber is designed to slow down bouncing and maintain an even level a steering damper does a similar thing. If you own a sports bike with a steep steering angle or your bike is unstable at speed you may find that from time to time the steering on your bike becomes wobbly and difficult to control, this has been dubbed “tank slapping” and I can occur to varying degrees. Other causes of this phenomenon are worn tyres, badly worn or adjusted steering bearings and misaligned wheels. Assuming your bike has been maintained correctly and everything is working as it should and you are still suffering from tank slapping then a steering damper is required. The steering damper is filled with oil that is usually adjustable from soft to hard settings and is mounted between the frame and forks on your bike, this will damp the vibrations that cause the bars to move improving the steering and giving you more control. It is never advisable to have a steering damper adjusted too stiff as this can cause an unsafe riding situation at high speed when more effort is required to turn the bars.

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