Which is better, WSB or Moto GP

Personally i think that WSB has it this year due to the large grid and amount of brit riders. I think it was 17 bikes on the moto gp grid last weekend in Spain, and lets face it there were only 3 riders who had a chance of winning. The GP grid needs to be at least 24 bikes in my opinion and it would be really nice to see some teams like roberts or harris return with their own chassis. I also thinks that Suzuki should be made to field 2 non factory bikes too. Hopefully with the return of the 1000cc bikes it will happen, but i wonder if they will stick with using all the complicated electronics that only the very best ever understand. I much prefered it when it was the rider who makes the difference and not a little black box. Maybe we should be supporting Magnetti marrelli instead of casey stoner. Maybe its just me but i would also like Eurosport or whoever to raise the volume of the bikes and the crowds in the background during comentary, it enhances the experience. I was watching WSB the other day and you could hardly hear the bikes at all, just Jack Barnicle talking crap. To sum up, more noise, more bikes, more brit riders in gp’s, bigger engines with less restrictions and Randy Malmola back in the pit lane for Eurosport.

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