Weise Tex Thermal Motorcycle Clothing

I am totally blown away with how warm i was wearing my Weise Tex trousers whilst riding up the M1 the other day. Being old and not too keen on riding in the winter anymore i decided to give them a go as i have always suffered from cold legs and having knackered knees i really dont like the 2 days it normally takes to recover from a cold 3 hour ride (i can hear the cries of horror now). Anyway, i geared up and hit the road and to be fair i hardly noticed the fact it was getting colder and colder although my neck was suffering a bit (next time i will wear a neck tube). Having been a hard biker for many years i find it hard to accept that i need aids to get me through the winter these days but hey, why suffer if you dont have too. Give Weise Tex a try, you wont be disappointed.