Tax Disc Holders – The End

As some of you may already know, the end of this year marks the end of the road for the tax disc. Checks on vehicles will done electronically from October so the need to display your tax disc will no longer be required. Its not a bad idea i suppose in this computer age and to be honest i did stop bothering displaying my tax after it got stolen a couple of times. But the one big loser in this are the companies who have for many years been making all sorts of tax disc holders. For this reason we have just bought our last ever batch of tax disc holders from Bikeit and we will be offering these to you at very low prices. We have many colours available and good quantities of each but once they are gone thats it. Its a shame in a way, i guess the government has worked out they can save more by not making tax discs than they can make in VAT from bike shops selling the holders. #Political

Merry Christmas from MCRR

We just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers. We would also like to thank you for your custom over the last year and we wish you all a prosperous 2012.
We have lots of new parts and accessories available in the new year and a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline so keep your eyes on our Blog for all the latest news from Motorcycle Road and Race ltd.

New search function on the MCRR website

Over the last month or so the technical guru known as Ewan has been upgrading the Motorcycle Road and Race website as it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Most of the upgrades are behind the scenes and have not really effected the way the site looks (yet) but they have made the site quicker, easier to use and a little more modern to suit the latest browsers etc.
One of the things we are trialling at the moment is a new predictive search feature which allows the user to search for parts and accessories more easily. Simply input your bike and the item you are looking for and a window will appear listing the most relevant results as well as anything similar. Let us know how you get on with it, if its successful we will leave it up.

EU Hands off biking

Do you remember the 100bhp limit or the leg protectors farce that the bike hating politicians tried to force upon us all those years ago. Well, they are nothing compared to the proposed rules the EU tyrants want to force upon us.
If they get their way you will no longer be able to fit aftermarket accessories to your bike which will kill half the UK bike trade. You wont be able to use non standard tyres, or tune or modify your bike in any way.
One of the problems is the bike manufacturers want this to happen. They want to make sure you only spend your hard earned money with them. They have spent the last 10 years slowly removing the majority of small dealers leaving multi franchise mostly to the bigger companies. Much like the car trade.
Dont get me wrong, safety is important but so is free will. Being a biker is more than just owning a motorcycle.
If the EU pass these laws it will open the floodgates for even worse things. How would you feel if you could not speed even if you wanted too or had to wear a bright yellow reflective jacket every time you got on your speed governed bike. We have all seen films about futures like this.
Please support MAG’s campaign and join in the demonstrations planned for September 25th. EU Hands off biking

Yamaha pulls out of WSB for 2012

A very sad day and something i hoped would never happen. Following Ducati who pulled out of WSB this year Yamaha WSB have announced they are not going to have a factory team in 2012 leaving Marco and Eugene without rides. They will still however continue to supply race parts to private teams. Yamaha have been at the pointy end of road racing for many years and along with the YZF R1 had some fantastic race bikes including the legendary R7 (remember Haga and his R7?)
I do hope people start buying sports bikes again soon, or we will be watching Adventure trail bikes touring the USA on a Sunday afternoon. Who’s next? will Honda pull out because of the crappy season they are having?
Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, some of the best racing i have ever seen was club racing and removing the big money from the world championship may do it some good.

MCRR are now proud sponsors of MAG

We are very proud to announce that Motorcycle Road and Race Ltd have become a major sponsor of MAG the motorcycle action group. For many years MAG have been representing the voice of all motorcyclists both in local and national government in support of many biking issues. MAG has been run by volunteers for over 40 years and they have passionately campaigned for the freedom and independence bikers enjoy and hopefully with their help will continue to do so. Please visit the MAG website to join up and get involved with the fine events and rallies they are involved with. As they say “Education not legislation”


I have no idea if anyone will be interested in hearing what i have to say but it seems that it is popular these days to vent your thoughts in a quick and efficient manor on Twitter.

So, if you want to read the rants you can.

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MCRR Takes Paypal

You can now pay for your Motorcycle Road and Race purchases with Paypal.

It would seem more and more of use are using Paypal to pay for our internet purchases as an alternative to credit cards. Paypal is safe and secure and if you are worried about transmitting your card details over the internet it takes the fear out of internet buying.

It is very simple, when you chekout you are given the option to either pay on our SSL secured server with your card or via Paypal.