R&G Motorcycle Covers

Being big fans of pretty much everything that R&G Racing make for bikes we were more than happy when they called us up to say they had increased the range of bike covers they make. We now have covers to fit sports bikes, adventure bikes, custom bikes and scooters. The R&G motorcycle covers have been voted best buy by Ride magazine and many other publications. The quality and design are second to none and offer some great features including chain loop flaps, elasticated edging, belly straps and number plate windows. All in all a highly reccomended piece of kit. We keep all 4 types in stock ready for immediate dispatch. As always, free UK delivery on all these great bike covers.
The Sports bike cover will fit most faired models such as Fireblades and R1’s. The Adventure cover is large enough for Triumph Tigers and BMW R1200GS models. The Custom bike cover is great for Harley Davidsons and similar even with a screen and sissy bar. And the scooter cover is ideal for most 50cc to 250cc models. Large sccoters such as the Suzuki Bergman will need a larger cover.
If you bike has to live outside then MCRR have got you covered.

Motul Oils and Lubricants

As many of you will already know MCRR have stocked Motul for many years. Why? because its the best and we love it. Simple really. We have again increased our range of stocked motorcycle oils and as always offer these to you at discounted prices. For example, 5 Litres of Motul 5100 semi synthetic is now only £27.99. All our stock is the latest 2014 versions and specifications.

Keis Heated Clothing 2013

Its that time again, cold morningd are back and the ride to work is not as much fun as it was last week. If like me you are getting older and feeling the cold more and more then the range of heated motorcycle clothing from Keis Apparel will interest you. For 2013 Keis have introduced some great new products included and new version of the heated bodywarmer but this time it has a heated collar and gets even hotter than the previous version. Also Keis have introduced heated trousers which i am sure will be welcomed by many of us who hate cold legs. The stock is due in at the end of September and we will as always be keeping every garment in every size.

Motul Oils

We have expanded our stocked range of Motul motorcycle oils and lubricants to include the race spec 300V 10w40 and the Yamaha and Honda specific Motul 5100 10w30. We keep both in 4 litre bottles. As always we have the Motul 5000 and 5100 semi synthetics as well as the 7100 fully synthetic. We also keep K&N and Hiflo oil filters for most motorcycles.

Ventura Bike Pack Systems

Almost the start of the riding season and i bet some of you are considering which luggage system will suit you best for your trip away. If you own a sports bike or dont like hard panniers then the Ventura luggage system could be right for you. The Ventura bike pack system is made of several parts to custom build a kit suitable for your needs. First you start off with L-brackets which are model specific to your bike and fit neatly to the subframe, then a pack rack which is a tall removable rack to fit one of Ventura’s many bags. When you are not needing the bag you can quickly swap the tall pack rack for either a small sports rack or a grab handle. We have laready stocked up on the bags and racks and most L-brackets are available within a day or two in most cases. Some older bikes are now a special order and can take 2-3 weeks to arrive from New Zealand so plan ahead if you own a 1980’s or 1990’s bike.

Airhawk Comfort Seats

We have been appointed as an Airhawk seat cushion dealer for west london and Middlesex. We are stocking the full range of motorcycle seat cushions in both the top of the range Neoprene and the budget polyurethane. And ingenious design that allows you to stay in the saddle for long periods by spreading your load. What that basically means is, the Airhawk cushion uses pockets of air that spreads the weight of the rider over the seat area. On a normal saddle your weight is focused on 2 points which can cause pain and distract the rider. Air is more comfotable than gel.

SW Motech mirror extensions for the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2012

Seeing behind you is important, fact. Seeing behind you on a mega fast 2012 Fireblade is even more important, we all know why. Well, those lovely people at SW Motech have made some great new mirror extenders for the latest Honda Fireblade which will raise and widen the mirrors enough that you can actually see more than just your elbows. A custom machined block sits between the mirror base and the fairing placing the mirror in a much better position. The wiring for the indicator simply feeds through a hole in the extension. Available via our website Motorcycle Road and Race Ltd

Keis X10 heated body warmer now in stock

The X10 is the latest heated vest from Keis which has some funky new features. Now supplied in a rather snazzy black colour and using very modern metal fibre technology which is thin and so flexible you hardly know they are there despite there being 2 chest panels and a kidney panel on the rear. Another brilliant addition to the new body warmer is the elasticaled sides which offers a better fit than the previous models which makes the Keis X10 a truly unisex garment. MCRR have been a dealer for Keis for many years and we keep the full range of clothing and accessories in stock.
For more information on the Keis X10 and the other clothing in the range visit www.motorcycle-road-and-race.co.uk

Keis heated clothing sale

We have managed to secure a number of Keis X6 and X10 heated vests which we are selling at a substantial discount. The only difference in spec between the 2 heated bodywarmers is a small pocket on the lower front edge to keep the heat controller which is on the X6. Please be aware that they are sized slightly different so please refer to our size guide to make sure you get the correct size, they are measured around the chest in inches.
We have 2010/11 spec X5’s selling for £74.99 and the 2011/12 spec X6’s for £84.99. As always we will also deliver them to your door free of charge for UK addresses.
Now its all cold outside we have filled our stock room with lots of Keis products. We have a brand new Keis X10 vest coming in mid December with a few new features and a cool new colour.