Xena Disc Locks

Due to the popularity of the new range of Xena disc locks we have included the smaller XX6 alarm disc lock in our current stock. Super strong and very loud a Xena lock will help you keep hold of your pride and joy. And if thieves try to lift the bike it will make so much noise that you will hear it and you can chase them down the road. As always we have large stocks of the XX14 for larger bikes.

Xena XX14 Alarm Disc Lock

You have got to take a look at the latest Xena XX14 alarm disc lock. Very compact, extremely strong and it makes an evil noise if someone messes with it.

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Stopping the thieves from stealing your bike is something most of us take very seriously and using a security device is a good way to deter them. Whether you choose a motorcycle alarm or padlock and chain it is always advisable to buy the best you can afford. Some ingenious ways of protecting your bike have been devised over the years including disc locks and alarms with pagers that warn you when someone it tampering with your bike. Other security options include etching and tagging of the individual parts of your bike which some manufacturers now do as standard. Bike theft has the added problem of increasing insurance premiums so many insurers now offer discount for the use of certain security products .