Bendix Brake Pads

We are please to announce we have become dealers for Bendix brake pads. Bendix offer a range of pads to suit everyones needs including a sintered road/race pad similar to the EBC HH compound and the MRR trackday pads for those of you who only use your bike on the track. We shall be shortly going live with the fitment lists for all the popular makes and models. We already have most of the pads in stock now so give us a call on 01784 229666 to find out if we list the fantastic pads for your bike.

Fitting new brake discs to your bike

At some point every bike will wear out its discs. Wether that is due to wear limits being breached due to high mileage or maybe your brake pads have been binding and your discs have warped. These are the 2 main reasons for needing replacements. Some other reasons may be excessive disc float where the alloy hub becomes damaged where the outer rotor sits on bobbins and the pressure becomes too much for the alloy hub and it deforms. Some discs are designed to have a bit of float (Brembo) but most dont.
When fitting your new discs some things need to be taken into account. It is important to make sure you use new brake pads as your old ones will be worn to the shape of the old discs and they will not give 100% contact with the new disc. Also, the calipers need to be in good order with nice free moving pistons and if your bike has sliding calipers these need to be free moving also.
Something many people dont think about it the surface the disc is to be mounted to. Corrosion can build up in this area and it is important to clean it up before you install your new discs otherwise you are not mounting them to a flat surface, even a small amount of corrosion can cause problems.
New EBC discs need to be run in for a couple of hundred miles.