Chain and Sprockets

Also known as “final drive” it is the link between the output shaft of the gearbox and the rear wheel. Motorcycle front and rear sprockets are supplied in various sizes for the different motorcycles they are designed to fit and the chain also comes in many different lengths and pitches. Chains to fit larger motorcycles have orings installed between the rollers that help retain oil which is required to lubricate the rollers giving the chain a longer life as possible. Changing the amount of teeth on either the front or rear sprocket can alter gearing, by increasing the teeth on the rear sprocket you increase acceleration through the gears but decrease the possible top speed of the bike, the same effect is found if you decrease the amount of teeth on the front sprocket. By decreasing the amount of teeth on the rear sprocket you increase the potential top speed of the bike but decrease the acceleration, likewise increasing the amount of teeth on the front sprocket has the same effect. The best known and possibly strongest chain available is made by D.I.D. who using a special “x” shaped oring have managed to make a chain providing many more miles of useable life compared to other brands. Motorcycle Chains that have been poorly adjusted and or infrequently lubricated will wear out much quicker and require replacing sooner, this poor maintenance can also result in “tight spots” in the chain making correct adjustment almost impossible. A new drive chain fitted to old worn sprockets is not advised as this will also speed up the wear of the new parts.