Keeping your bike clean, should you bother?

This is a very important part of owning a motorcycle. Keeping your motorcycle clean is a long term investment and as most of us have spent a lot of money buying our bikes it is prudent to keep then clean and lubricated. In winter time this is even more important as salt and grit on the road can eat away at the metal parts of the bike causing corrosion and rust. There are many products available to clean your bike as well as products to prevent corrosion and facilitate the easy removal of dirt and road grime. A bike that has been ridden through the winter without being washed or protected in some way will inevitably have seized nuts and bolts, suspension linkages and bearings leading to higher servicing costs and reducing the value of your motorcycle. It is not recommended to use a high powered jet wash to clean your motorcycle as this can cause other problems including washing out of grease in areas such as suspension bushes and lever pivot points which again will lead to seized parts and poor performance, possibly even making the motorcycle dangerous to ride. Some simple steps to prevent the above include washing the bike after riding it in bad weather or off road and using products such as “Sdoc ” to clean and protect it afterwards.