EU Hands off biking

Do you remember the 100bhp limit or the leg protectors farce that the bike hating politicians tried to force upon us all those years ago. Well, they are nothing compared to the proposed rules the EU tyrants want to force upon us.
If they get their way you will no longer be able to fit aftermarket accessories to your bike which will kill half the UK bike trade. You wont be able to use non standard tyres, or tune or modify your bike in any way.
One of the problems is the bike manufacturers want this to happen. They want to make sure you only spend your hard earned money with them. They have spent the last 10 years slowly removing the majority of small dealers leaving multi franchise mostly to the bigger companies. Much like the car trade.
Dont get me wrong, safety is important but so is free will. Being a biker is more than just owning a motorcycle.
If the EU pass these laws it will open the floodgates for even worse things. How would you feel if you could not speed even if you wanted too or had to wear a bright yellow reflective jacket every time you got on your speed governed bike. We have all seen films about futures like this.
Please support MAG’s campaign and join in the demonstrations planned for September 25th. EU Hands off biking