Keis Sleeved Heated jacket

I think this morning is the first time i have felt cold this autumn. Brrrrrrr

We have full stocks of the new Keis heated jacket which has heated front, back, sleeves and collar and the new Keis outer gloves too. Both will keep you toasty warm during the cold days. All sizes available from stock. We also have the latest heated soles which are far more robust than the previous version, coming in several different sizes so you no longer need to cut them to shape.

As always we have the X5 vest and heated inner gloves too.

The new sleeved jacket can only be run from the bikes battery as it has a very high current drain, far too much for the Keis batteries to cope with. A heavy duty heat controller is included free of charge too and for a limited time only we are offering these at the discounted price of £149.99.

Motorcycle road and race have been selling Keis products for 4 years now and are proud to do so. Fantastic quality and a customer service second to none. The new additions to the range of very welcome and we will be keeping as much stock as we can.

Keis X5 Heated Gloves

The Keis heated gloves have proved very popular this year and I’m afraid stocks are running low. We have just bought the last stocks of size Large from the supplier and we have been told there wont be any more arriving until February. We are running low large, but still have decent stocks of small and medium.
We are not expecting to run out of soles or X5 vests for the time being.

Gerbings G3 Heated Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Gloves

We have just recieved stocks of the new Gerbings G3 heated gloves. I love these, super comfy and toasty warm.

They heat the sides of each finger and the back of the hand and have a lifelong warranty against any faults with the heating elements. Great value for money and available in all sizes.

They come with all the wiring needed to connect them to your bike and also an on / off switch. (these get very hot so you need to turn them off from time to time).

New Keis X5 Heated Vest, gloves and soles

The Keis X5 now with integral Power Distribution for Gloves and Soles resulting in even less wires than the old X4.

Forget heated clothing as it used to be, the Keis X5 bodywarmer uses the latest Encapsulated Element Technology to provide reliable, even heating, so reliable you can even wash it!

Constructed from a breathable Dintex membrane the X5 bodywarmer will also help keep you comfortable even when it’s switched off.

Power either from the 12v battery on your bike with the power lead provided or with the optional battery pack for instant heat. An optional heat controller is also available.

Motorcycle Road and Race offer a free heat controller with every vest.