Handlebar risers

I get asked all the time if you can raise the clip on handlebars on sportsbikes. The answer is usually no. The reason for this is simple. If the bars are mounted below the bottom yoke then there is nowhere to raise them. This doesnt mean you cant have higher bars though and with products like the LSL Superbike bar conversions, LSL Match Bars and the Gilles Variobar with riser.
Now these options are not cheap but given the comfort problems some riders have with sports bikes these options can be the difference between enjoying owning one or having to sell it.
For bikes fitted with conventional handlebars like Bandits and Hornets it is an easier task. Using a specially designed spacer between the bar and clamp can allow the bars to be raised by 20mm, 30mm or even 50mm if you can free up anough cable and hose to cope with it when the bike goes from lock to lock. Always check this before you decide to install them to avoid a potentially dangerous riding situation.
MCRR have been improving rider comfort for many years and have lots of experience in this field.

Genmar Handlebar Risers

Motorcycle Road and Race welcome back Genmar risers to our inventory of stock. We did stop selling these last year due to difficulty in obtaining stock but they are back and as good as ever. Designed to raise the bars of your bike without the expense of replacing the whole bar. We are keeping risers for bikes such as the Honda Blackbird and VFR800 as well as Kawasaki Z750 & Z1000 and the Triumph Sprint ST to name a few. Full instructions supplied with each kit. No cable or hoses to replace. Easy.