Keis Heated Clothing 2013

Its that time again, cold morningd are back and the ride to work is not as much fun as it was last week. If like me you are getting older and feeling the cold more and more then the range of heated motorcycle clothing from Keis Apparel will interest you. For 2013 Keis have introduced some great new products included and new version of the heated bodywarmer but this time it has a heated collar and gets even hotter than the previous version. Also Keis have introduced heated trousers which i am sure will be welcomed by many of us who hate cold legs. The stock is due in at the end of September and we will as always be keeping every garment in every size.

Keis heated clothing sale

We have managed to secure a number of Keis X6 and X10 heated vests which we are selling at a substantial discount. The only difference in spec between the 2 heated bodywarmers is a small pocket on the lower front edge to keep the heat controller which is on the X6. Please be aware that they are sized slightly different so please refer to our size guide to make sure you get the correct size, they are measured around the chest in inches.
We have 2010/11 spec X5’s selling for £74.99 and the 2011/12 spec X6’s for £84.99. As always we will also deliver them to your door free of charge for UK addresses.
Now its all cold outside we have filled our stock room with lots of Keis products. We have a brand new Keis X10 vest coming in mid December with a few new features and a cool new colour.

Keis Heated Clothing

Although we are at almost full stock levels for all the Keis heated clothing we are running very low on small X5 bodywarmers. However, we expect to be fully stocked again by the end of next week. The 3 way leads will be back into stock too. The new heated jackets have been selling well and we have been receiving some very positive comments about them. They have heated front and rear panels as well as heated arms and collar, what more could you want. Please note that due to the fairly high current draw these can only be powered from the bikes battery.

Keis X5 Heated Gloves

The Keis heated gloves have proved very popular this year and I’m afraid stocks are running low. We have just bought the last stocks of size Large from the supplier and we have been told there wont be any more arriving until February. We are running low large, but still have decent stocks of small and medium.
We are not expecting to run out of soles or X5 vests for the time being.

R&G Heated grips

We have just taken delivery of the new heated grips by R&G Racing. These fit any bike with 22mm (7/8th) bars and are open ended for bikes with bar ends fitted (no more cutting the ends off). They are also supplied with a plastic end bung if your bike doesn’t have any ends.
What i like about these the most is the modern look, so many grips have very old school patterns on the grip but the R&G ones look very much like something fitted as standard to most modern bikes. They also have a heat adjuster in case your hands get too hot.
Perhaps the most amazing thing is the price at only £29.99. Grab a set now, lots in stock.

Special Offer on Keis Heated Soles

For a limited time we are offering you the chance to save a bit more money than usual on our popular winter seller the Keis Heated Soles. Normally sold for £44.99 you can buy these for £38.25 with free UK delivery.

They come with a wiring loom to connect to your bike or you could invest in one of the Keis battery packs

Gerbings G3 Heated Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Gloves

We have just recieved stocks of the new Gerbings G3 heated gloves. I love these, super comfy and toasty warm.

They heat the sides of each finger and the back of the hand and have a lifelong warranty against any faults with the heating elements. Great value for money and available in all sizes.

They come with all the wiring needed to connect them to your bike and also an on / off switch. (these get very hot so you need to turn them off from time to time).

New Keis X5 Heated Vest, gloves and soles

The Keis X5 now with integral Power Distribution for Gloves and Soles resulting in even less wires than the old X4.

Forget heated clothing as it used to be, the Keis X5 bodywarmer uses the latest Encapsulated Element Technology to provide reliable, even heating, so reliable you can even wash it!

Constructed from a breathable Dintex membrane the X5 bodywarmer will also help keep you comfortable even when it’s switched off.

Power either from the 12v battery on your bike with the power lead provided or with the optional battery pack for instant heat. An optional heat controller is also available.

Motorcycle Road and Race offer a free heat controller with every vest.

Keis X5 Heated Vest

Keis have updated their X5 heated vest for 2010 with new internal wiring to allow the use of the heated gloves and soles in a much neater way. You can power the vest, gloves and soles using one of the Keis battery packs allowing you to use them on or off the bike. Stocks are due around the end of October and all sizes will be available.