Motad downpipes for Kawasaki ER6 and Versys

At last for the ER6 and Versys Motad have made stainless steel downpipes to replace the crappy mild steel ones that Kawasaki (and most other manufacturers) use on their bikes. Exactly the same shape as the OE part so a perfect fit is guaranteed and the standard silencer will fit straight on. The ER6 and Versys are renowned for having rusty minging headers

Chris Martin

I have to say that Chris Martins superman impression at Brands Hatch is one of the things that sticks in my head from this seasons racing, and believe me i watch it all.

Having just seen pictures of him at Croft this weekend i now feel bad that i actually enjoyed watching it happen.

Poor bugger, he looks like his whole upper body is being held together with meccano.

Get well soon Chris.

Kawaskai to move production to Thailand

Times are tough in the bike trade these days and proof of this is Kawasaki anouncing they will be moving production of their larger machines to Thailand from 2010. Following Triumph (Made in England?) who have been doing this for some time, rumour has it that Honda are getting ready to follow suit. What happens when it becomes too expensive to have bikes built there? Maybe all the petrol will have run out by then and we shall all be riding electric bikes once again made in Japan. Ah, the circle of life continues.