Bruhl Power Dryers

We have recently become a dealer for the Bruhl range of bike dryers. They make 3 versions for either home or professional use and they are a must have item if you want to keep your bike in tip top condition.
These power dryers are not all about drying your motorcycle after you have washed it. By blowing water out of hard to reach areas of your bike also reduces the risk of corrosion.
Bruhl make a single speed, variable speed and a full on professional model to suit everyones needs and pockets. And each dryer comes with a selection of accessories.
The Bruhl models are also supplied with an RCD power cut so you can safely use it outside.
As always we are offering free delivery to our UK based customers.

Nitron Shocks

Quite frankly its the best tuning option for your bike. Forget spending loads of money trying to make your bike faster, make it handle instead. One of the many things bike manufacturers still do is use budget suspension on their bikes. Modern bikes handle well as a rule but until you have experienced riding a bike with top quality suspension fitted you really dont know what you are missing. Nitron make shocks for a wide range of bikes and have a shock to suit everyone’s needs and pockets. The extremely sensibly priced Sport shock is an easy to set up emulsion shock, these have spring (pre-load) and damping adjustment using a single adjuster to dial in or out rebound and compression damping with a fixed ratio. Then comes the track shock with separate compression damping for those who do track days and want to fiddle with suspension settings looking for the ideal set-up. Then the top of the range race shock which lets you adjust the high and low speed compression damping, perfect for those experienced racers who want the best. All these are available with optional hydraulic pre-load adjusters and can be supplied with either a blue or black spring. As always they are sprung to your weight and riding style.

Fitting new brake discs to your bike

At some point every bike will wear out its discs. Wether that is due to wear limits being breached due to high mileage or maybe your brake pads have been binding and your discs have warped. These are the 2 main reasons for needing replacements. Some other reasons may be excessive disc float where the alloy hub becomes damaged where the outer rotor sits on bobbins and the pressure becomes too much for the alloy hub and it deforms. Some discs are designed to have a bit of float (Brembo) but most dont.
When fitting your new discs some things need to be taken into account. It is important to make sure you use new brake pads as your old ones will be worn to the shape of the old discs and they will not give 100% contact with the new disc. Also, the calipers need to be in good order with nice free moving pistons and if your bike has sliding calipers these need to be free moving also.
Something many people dont think about it the surface the disc is to be mounted to. Corrosion can build up in this area and it is important to clean it up before you install your new discs otherwise you are not mounting them to a flat surface, even a small amount of corrosion can cause problems.
New EBC discs need to be run in for a couple of hundred miles.

EBC X Series Motorcycle Discs

Over the last year or so EBC have been supplying their new X and XC discs as a replacement for the old pro-lites. As the stocks of pro-lites runs down they are replaced with the new design. Pretty much eveyrthing now will be supplied in the new style.
The new design has 2 major improvements over the old ones in that they are much lighter and they have the new square drive button design which not only allows the use of less mounting points for the outer rotor but it also reduces the pressure placed on the alloy hub when braking so these discs will last much longer than any stock set of discs.
As always EBC use stainless steel rotors and anodised alloy bubs.
The new disc is available in a round style (X) and wavy contour style (XC)

Performance Service Kits

As spring aproaches you may be thinking about servicing your bike ready for the new season. We supply kits that include a K&N oil filter, NGK Iridium spark plugs and a K&N air filter. Top quality parts to fit your bike.
No need to ever replace the air filter again as they are washable. NGK iridium plugs offer a stronger spark over the standard item and will go an extra service interval too. The K&N oil filters are a great piece of kit too, offering a high quality filtering media as well as a drilled end for those of you who need to lock wire it to the engine for thrack days.
We keep a large range of these performance service kits but can make up a kit for most bikes, just e-mail us if you dont see your bike listed.

Motorcycle Engine Oil

To answer a question i have been asked many many times over the years. “Do i use a fully synthetic oil in my bike”. Ducati for example have have always recomended the use of Fully synthetic in their bikes whilst the Jap manufacturers suggest a Semi synthetic. Why? It is normally due to tollerances, at least for a while anyway. A semi synthetic oil will allow the engine to “run in” and if you change it regularly is perfect for most bikes. Triumph for example suggest a Semi until the bike reaches 12000 miles and then start using a fully synthetic. Unless you are racing it i would always suggest using a Semi in Jap bikes unless it is really big on miles. One thing a fully will do is stick to the metal parts even if you have not used the bike for some time, great in the winter of course, better for the first start up of the season. Oil manufactuers always stress that most engine wear happens at start up when the engine is cold.