Frame Protectors

Frame protectors
Still a relatively new concept but quickly becoming an essential item for almost any motorcycle. Imagine you have just purchased a new Fireblade and whilst riding it home you accidentally fall off on some diesel, your bike slides down the road in front of you, as you pick yourself up and stagger to your bike you notice the clutch lever and footrest have snapped off and there is a dent in your frame where the handlebar hit it. Many of us have a similar story to this one. If your bike has a set of frame protectors (aka crash protectors, crash bobins or crash mushrooms) it would have landed first on those, keeping the bike higher, possibly even stopping the handlebar from touching the floor, maybe the frame protector took the full weight of the bike and the footrest only has a scratch on it. You pick the bike up to see the scratches on the bellypan but you are able to ride the bike home. Wow, that just saved you a lot of money and hassle.