Weise Tex Thermal Motorcycle Clothing

I am totally blown away with how warm i was wearing my Weise Tex trousers whilst riding up the M1 the other day. Being old and not too keen on riding in the winter anymore i decided to give them a go as i have always suffered from cold legs and having knackered knees i really dont like the 2 days it normally takes to recover from a cold 3 hour ride (i can hear the cries of horror now). Anyway, i geared up and hit the road and to be fair i hardly noticed the fact it was getting colder and colder although my neck was suffering a bit (next time i will wear a neck tube). Having been a hard biker for many years i find it hard to accept that i need aids to get me through the winter these days but hey, why suffer if you dont have too. Give Weise Tex a try, you wont be disappointed.

Weise Tex Thermal Clothing

We have just taken delivery of the amazing Weise Tex clothing range. Fleece lined and flexible, breathable and windproof its the perfect thing to keep you warm when riding your bike. Designed as a mid garment to wear under your regular riding gear. The Weise Tex trousers have elasticated waist and ankles and the Fleece jacket and shirt use top quality YKK zips.
Weise also make a Balaclava, neck tube and turtle neck made of the same material all with special stiching for extra comfort.
The head gear is all one size but the body garments are available in small through to 3XL. We have the full range available from stock.