Nitron Shocks

Quite frankly its the best tuning option for your bike. Forget spending loads of money trying to make your bike faster, make it handle instead. One of the many things bike manufacturers still do is use budget suspension on their bikes. Modern bikes handle well as a rule but until you have experienced riding a bike with top quality suspension fitted you really dont know what you are missing. Nitron make shocks for a wide range of bikes and have a shock to suit everyone’s needs and pockets. The extremely sensibly priced Sport shock is an easy to set up emulsion shock, these have spring (pre-load) and damping adjustment using a single adjuster to dial in or out rebound and compression damping with a fixed ratio. Then comes the track shock with separate compression damping for those who do track days and want to fiddle with suspension settings looking for the ideal set-up. Then the top of the range race shock which lets you adjust the high and low speed compression damping, perfect for those experienced racers who want the best. All these are available with optional hydraulic pre-load adjusters and can be supplied with either a blue or black spring. As always they are sprung to your weight and riding style.

Hagon Shocks

We have recently been apointed a dealer for Hagon shocks who have one of the largest fitment lists of any motorcycle suspension manufacturer. Unlike some of the boutique suppliers out there like Nitron or Ohlins who stick to popular models, Hagon make shocks for almost anything. Top quality but without a boutique price tag, Hagon shocks offer fanstastic value for money and are a great replacement for your worn out old leaky standard item. Give one a try.

Nitron motorcycle shocks

We are proud to be a dealer for the stunning range of shocks by Nitron. Available for a huge range of bikes and made in the UK. Built to your specs with a 2 week turnaround. Many people will agree that money spent on a decent shock is far better than spending money on any other part of your bike if speed and performance is your goal.