Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brake pads
Many different materials have been used over the years to improve motorcycle brake pad performance. And whilst the organic brake pad materials are kinder to the metal of the disc it is the metal sintered brake pads that tend to give better stopping power. Metal sintered brake pads can and usually do wear out the disc rotors slightly quicker than the softer materials but the difference is not great and most people would rather have the extra stopping power. Racing motorcycles tend to benefit from using different compounds of brake pads to allow for the extra and consistently higher temperatures that occur on the race track. It is also very important when fitting brake pads that the brake calliper pistons are free moving and the seals are leak free and in good order, another consideration is that the pins the brake pads slide on are smooth and lightly lubricated with a copper grease. Brake squeal can occur when dust produced by the pad builds up in the brake calliper and disc, this can be cleaned using solvent brake cleaner.