Tax Disc Holders – The End

As some of you may already know, the end of this year marks the end of the road for the tax disc. Checks on vehicles will done electronically from October so the need to display your tax disc will no longer be required. Its not a bad idea i suppose in this computer age and to be honest i did stop bothering displaying my tax after it got stolen a couple of times. But the one big loser in this are the companies who have for many years been making all sorts of tax disc holders. For this reason we have just bought our last ever batch of tax disc holders from Bikeit and we will be offering these to you at very low prices. We have many colours available and good quantities of each but once they are gone thats it. Its a shame in a way, i guess the government has worked out they can save more by not making tax discs than they can make in VAT from bike shops selling the holders. #Political