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Blue Job Metal Polish



Blue-Job Chrome Restorer “The World’s Best Chrome Polish”. Removes the Exhaust Pipe Blues, Burnt On Shoe Rubber, yellowing, Surface Rust and Fingerprints. Contains 28 grams but is enough to completely restore two set of pipes.

Single Tub of Blue-Job Polish for Chrome and Stainless Steel.

How To Use:

  • Let exhaust pipes cool.
  • Lightly dampen supplied applicator cloth. Moisture is just to adhere the powder to the cloth.
  • Dab cloth into powder.

When removing exhaust pipe discoloration or rust, make a thick dry paste on the pipe or chrome surface. Rub surface in a back and fourth motion, as hard as needed to remove discoloration (oxydation). It is not recommended to use a circular motion (do a small area at a time) BLUE-JOB® will not scratch! Even when used completely dry. If your paste is to wet the product will not work.

Finish with a clean dry cloth.

NOTE: This is a High-Tech material (a little goes a long way)

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