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Top brand chain and sprocket kits for most bikes

We stock an extensive range of motorcycle chain and sprockets for a huge range of bikes. We list 2 different kits for most models with a reccomended and an economy version available to suit your needs and budget. Our sprockets are supplied by JT who are known for producing high quality copies of the OE parts and will give you thousands of miles of service. Our chain of choice is DID who have been supplying standard fitment chains for most manufacturers for many years and are still at the forefront of chain technology and if you are looking for a chain that will give you a long reliable service then look no further. The chain and sprockets on your motorcycle are one of the most important service items and need to be well cared for. We also stock a range of chain tools, chain lubes and chain cleaners.
Our fitment list covers 925 different bikes at discounted prices.

Click on the category name to see if your bike is listed. Please email us us for advice or a fitment you cannot find.