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We sell Motorcycle clutches which are made from a cork based anti-swell facing impregnated with aluminium particles to reduce wear & heat fade. Also we sell kevlar based kits aimed at performance motorcycles and track day bikes. Kits are sold in pre-measured bike specific engine sets and should always be replaced in engine sets. Its usually a good idea to change the springs at the same time as old springs loose tension over time. Wet clutches must always be soaked in engine oil before fitting. You rarely need to change the steel drive plates unless they have done a high mileage or the clutch has been slipping for some time causing them to overheat and warp. Always inspect them for wear and bluing before re-installing them.
SRK kits use the same friction plates and springs as the SRC kits but also include a full set of steel drive plates too.

EBC clutch springs are 10-15% stiffer than stock springs to avoid slip. EBC also now supply diaphragm type springs too.

We can also now supply clutch plates and spring conversion kits from Barnett, for those of you who need some serious performance from your clutch. Great for motorcycles used on the track as well as those of you with bike engined kit cars. If you have had your engine race tuned it will probably need an uprated clutch fitted to cope with the extra power.