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Daytona Heated Grips


Daytona Heated Grips
Daytona heater handle 12V for 22 mm (7/8 inch) handlebar with invisible integrated switch
- 4 stages with integrated switch in the left handle
- allows a "clean installation" with only a few cables
- 5-color LED Indicators
- soft silicone rubber compound
- Length of grip rubbers 120 mm
- Fast heating function, which heats up quickly, regardless of the heating level
- sits perfectly on the handlebars
- Switch splash-proof
- Open handle rubbers with cap
- Cable bend protection on the grip rubbers
- No overheating possible due to eg short circuit (automatic locking)
Level 1: 21W
Stage 2: 31W
Stage 3: 43W
Level 4: 55W