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DID Chain

We have always recommended DID chain as the leading brand and truly believe they have no competition in strength and price. If mileage is important to you then choose DID and always buy the best you can afford, the stronger it is the longer it will last.

A motorcycle drive chain that is too tight speeds up wear by excessive pressure on the sprocket teeth, the chain joints and the shaft bearings. A chain that is too loose will wear quickly and may have a whip action that can cause it to snap. A chain that is too tight or too loose will result in premature chain stretch. It is important to clean and lubricate your bikes chain regularly.

It is important to check sprockets for wear periodically. If wear occurs on the side of the teeth, it means there is misalignment, a condition which will result in greatly reduced chain life. Check sprocket alignment visually by sighting across them from the rear of the motorcycle or by placing a ruler against them to see if they are in the same plane. Realign or replace as required. When new sprockets are installed, they should be carefully aligned on the shafts with a straight edge. Misalignment increases drive noise level and also increases chain and sprocket wear. Chains operating on misaligned sprockets have a tendency to develop tight joints because sprocket teeth force the inside plates outward on the bushings,thus binding the joint.

DID chain is available in 3 grades of X-ring for road bikes :

  • DID VX - Entry Level Economy X-Ring (Replaces the old V Spec O-Ring) Grey in colour
  • DID VX Gold & Black - (used to be called VM) Gold Coloured Links
  • DID ZVM-X - Heavy duty top of the range gold chain with a very high tensile strength