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EBC Front Discs - SUZUKI DRZ 400 SY/EY/Y/SEK1/EK1/K1/SK2/EK2/K2/


The price shown is for a single EBC Pro-Lite standard replacement front brake rotor. Supplied as either a Floating or Solid rotor, this is a direct replacement for the standard rotor as fitted to your bike from the factory.

EBC Floating disc features:
  • Assembled with sturdy RIVETS not risky circlip systems
  • Disc rings made from roll forged BILLET STEEL offering 18% more stopping power than stainless steel but with the high strength of steel ... better braking and NO RISK of cracking as with cast iron rotors
  • Lightweight forged alloy centre hub using special high strength ductile mill rolled aluminium alloy, coloured either silver or gold to match bike cosmetics
  • Pro-Lite discs resist distortion longer PLUS the unique “Birdswing” drill pattern prevents ridges developing on the rotor
EBC Solid disc features:
  • Unique birdswing drill pattern prevents ridges
  • Tough HPSR steel prevents cracking
  • Silver Zinc finish to prevent corrosion
Our EBC Pro-Lite Front Discs are great value for money. Our prices include 15% Discount off the EBC list price and include free UK delivery