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Keis Light Weight Controller



The Keis Light Weight Controller can control up to two Dual Power components with this small, convenient three-level controller. Ideal for controlling, Inner Gloves and Soles.  In the case of gloves and soles, they can be used to provide control to individual hands or feet or as a pair. (Two controllers required for individual control).  Simply plug in series with whatever you want to regulate, for instant response to your comfort needs. Note: maximum load 3A.

  • Suitable for ONLY up to TWO Keis Dual Power components [except those with an integral controller]
  • Three heat settings with LED indicators 33/66/100%
  • Weather resistant (We recommend that the Controller be kept out of direct contact with water)
  • 3A Current overload protection.

Please Note: The Keis Light Weight Controller cannot be used in conjunction with any other integral or external Controller.