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Keis Spare Li-ion Battery Pack 5200mAH



Keis additional 5200mAh battery pack provides 12V power for any of the Keis Dual-Power garments.

The Keis battery pack features an LED charge indicator (simply shake the battery to view the available charge: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and can also be used to charge USB devices – like a phone, camera etc.  


  • 12V 5200mAh Keis Li-Ion Battery Packs suitable for all Keis Dual-Power products.
  • Available in 5200mAh capacity.
  • LED Capacity monitor.
  • Battery pack can also be used to charge and power USB devices.

Weights and Dimensions:

  • 5200 - H.14cm x W.7.5cm x D.2.2cm
    360 grams

Please Note: This battery is too large to fit within the inside battery pocket of all various models of Keis Vest or Keis Bodywarmer. Some garments only feature a small pocket is designed for the smaller 2600mAh battery. Please check with the retailer. 
Please Note: A region-specific battery charger is not included.