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However fast your bike, one day you'll get the urge to improve its performance and with these products you can do just that. Dynojet supply a vast array of bolt on parts to increase power and response, for both carb and fuel injected bikes.

A dynojet kit can be installed into the bikes carburators replacing items such as main jets and needles for example. Changing the fueling in such a way that your bike can run much better when using a high flow air filter or sporty exhaust. In most cases this will increase the overall power of the bike too. A Dynojet power commander does a very similar thing to the mapping of the fuel injection. Although both products are fairly easy to install and full instructions are supplied it is sometimes a good idea to leave this task to a qualified mechanic or tuning shop. To check the set up and power the bike has after the tuning has been completed a run on a Dyno is also reccomended.

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